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He's a little mouse surviving in a big world.


Even though the world is big Spock's spirit is even bigger.​ He doesn't see his small size as something that should ever stop him from living his life to its fullest. 


Is Spock a boy or Girl?

He's a boy mouse with a big spirit.


How old is Spock?

I don't know how mouse years translates to human years. However, Spock is old enough to have big adventures without needing to have his parents go with him.


What is Spock's favorite color?

He likes all the colors, but he is very fond of the color red.

Where is Spock from?

He was born in a tiny artist studio located in Savannah, GA, USA.
Just because he was born in the South of the United States doesn't keep him from traveling the World. He loves to travel and make new friends.

Does Spock have a favorite cheese?

Because he's a mouse he likes all cheeses. If given the choice, he likes Gouda and Asiago the best, but will never turn down trying a new cheese. Oh, he also likes peanut butter.

​Is Spock afraid of anything?

He had a wonderful family upbringing with supportive parents that taught him how to be brave. Even though he is very brave he doesn't care for thunderstorms. The loud booms hurt his very large ears.

Did Spock have a favorite childhood toy?

Yes, his teddy bear he named Bee.


Does Spock have a best friend?

No, but he does have a few friends that he might go on an adventure or share his thoughts with.

Does Spock have a pet?

Yes, he has a martian cat that he adopted during his space travels who he named Squeak.


You can follow Spock on Facebook and Instagram.

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